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The Texas Lease Attorney

Kendall has served a breadth of clients from new franchisees & entrepreneurs to a nation-wide retailer with over 150 locations.

Client Mix:

• Restaurant
• Grocery Stores
• Small and Mid-Scale Developers
• Commercial Retail
• Business Sales & Acquisitions
• Oil and Gas Companies

With 40+ years of experience in Texas real estate, commercial deals, commercial transactions, and residential concerns, Kendall is uniquely positioned to guide you in your legal needs. Call today for a free consultation.


The Texas Lease Attorney

There are many legal issues involved in leasing Commercial property in Texas. The Texas Leasing Attorney was designed to help tenants, tenant representative, and franchisees work through the paperwork involved in commercial leasing. Our focus is to assist you in understanding the process and be an advocate for your interests and positions.

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About Kendall

Kendall Laughlin is not your average lawyer sitting in an office, unconnected to your business needs.Kendall will learn your business needs and translate them into legal solutions. My clients are truly international and I work to understand your cultural concerns and unique perspectives.

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Do not leave money or benefits on the table when you sign your next commercial lease. Hire an experienced commercial real estate attorney to protect your rights and preserve your peace of mind. Whether selling your business or looking to expand, your legal interest are my concern.

— Kendall Laughlin

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Office in Dallas, TX

Kendall’s is able to serve all of Texas and offices in the Dallas Design District. He is available for appointments in Dallas, at your location, and over the phone.

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